Competency Works, a collaborative initiative led by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, or iNACOL, on Wednesday released an issue brief exploring how to design quality competency measures for student academic advancement.

The brief examines the basic nature of a quality competency, the competency construction process from both a creative and a logistical point of view, how to build revision processes and professional understandings of competencies educators create, and how to allow teachers to personalize their instruction within new competency measures.

The document also stresses that high-quality competencies, while potentially based on standards including those of the common core movement, are not the same as standards themselves. They should represent specific skills more than they represent specific knowledge, and therefore be more transferable across multiple areas of study, the brief says.

This new brief appears to be one of the first public research documents to explore exactly what makes good competencies, and what makes poor ones.



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Claudia Popescu, Șef serviciu Informare și Formare Continuă, Biblioteca Județeană „George Barițiu" Brașov
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